Frequent Asked Questions

You will receive your box in the following month that you sign up. For example if you sign up in December you will receive the January box. We ship our boxes on the 10-15th of each month.

With subscription services it is incredibly hard to cater to everyone's tastes. We understand everyone's style is different. This is why we offer free exchanges. If you do not like the watch you may return it for one of our previous watches. This is absolutely free.

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The deal with our exclusive partnership with the watch makers restricts us from allowing our customers to pick the watches. your watch will be random, but we are sure you will be happy with the watch you will receive every month. If you do not like the watch you can return it back for an exchange.

Yes! Every watch you receive is yours to keep. You will soon have a great collection of unique watches to mix and match with your personal style.

Our watches are superior! We partner with watch makers to provide high-quality watches at Wrist Fit Watch Club. Watches from our membership generally utilize Japanese Miyota, Quartz and stainless steel.

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